Work in the margins

Although in the past I have exhibited work, I am not a classically schooled artist who busies himself with the production of autonomous works of art for collectors, galleries, museum and suchlike. I have always been more interested in envisaging and organising singular happenings which take place outside the safety of the artistic realm – often literally in public space. The content of these projects is generally multi-layered and also frequently thoughtfully designed, but the work should preferably not be immediately recognizable as that of an artist.

But old habits die hard, and on occasion I cannot help still reaching for the brushes. The paintings are mainly exercises in concentration which help me get some grip on the abstract ideas that often haunt my mind. Although I consider these drawings and paintings as work in the margin, nevertheless, they do give direction to my thoughts and in that way, they constitute the basis for the serious work. These freely painted abstractions find, as it were, their definitive form, in the concrete projects.

The style of the paintings is nicely old-fashioned – a bit like the CIA-supported abstract art of the 1950s – which allows me space for some aimless contemplation without any pretensions. They may well have a certain aesthetic value, but they are absolutely not made with that in mind. They are merely attempts to visualize my rambling thoughts about abstract social, cultural, ethical, biological or physical concepts such as ‘quantum fluctuations in the absolute vacuum’ or ‘social space between species’… so don’t bother trying to interpret them.